Consulting, strategy and training

Successfully targeting your initiatives

Diagnosis and analysis of communications practises

As a leader, you know just how fast things can change. An ecosystem can be forced to change, for example, with the arrival of a new competitor in the market. An organizational transformation, such as the integration of a new company, can also change the way you do business. Faced with such transformational forces, you are right to question whether existing communications practices are still effective and appropriate.

Our team of professionals can list and analyze all your current practices and then advise you on the most effective means to maximize the results of your communications initiatives and bolster your organization’s impact.

Communications and marketing plans

Your communications and marketing plans form the core of your strategic approach. They ensure alignment between your organization’s business objectives and strategy and your communications efforts. At Exponentiel Conseil, we prioritize consistency, clarity and a well-orchestrated approach to ensure you meet your objectives.

Advice to senior management

Exponentiel Conseil can assist you with planning and/or implementing your business strategy. We advise many organizations and support entrepreneurs and executives with their decision-making in the management of issues and roll-out of campaigns targeting both internal and external audiences. An organization’s communications, motivation and positioning hold no secrets for us.


How does an organization effectively reach its intended audience? Learn how to respond to journalists in a clear and concise manner. Discover how entrepreneurs can capitalize on efficient public relations to achieve their objectives. Stay in control of your organization and its communications when a crisis arises. In all these situations, Exponentiel Conseil can provide you with the tools you need to stay focused on your goals regardless of the circumstances.

Here is a short list of the training we offer:

  • Public speaking with impact
  • Productive media relations
  • Effective public relations for entrepreneurs
  • Crisis management