Partner and Vice-President

A former economics journalist and a lawyer by training, Mathieu Lavallée plumbs the depths of his files seeking the best angle of approach, or the optimal solution when it comes to sensitive matters.


For almost 15 years, Mathieu’s career has spanned the legal, economic and media worlds. With a law degree and a journalism certificate from Université de Montréal, he is a key resource for quarterbacking complex assignments as well as managing crises and issues of public concern. He draws on sharp analytical skills to quickly grasp the challenges at hand before applying his considerable talents as a writer and communicator. In previous work, he has coached many start-up entrepreneurs through the crucial stages of their early development and growth.

Mathieu takes on assignments ranging from major transactions to labour conflicts, including the public opinion campaigns associated with these. He is a skilled strategist who will zero in on an issue and articulate it to the most relevant journalists in compelling ways to make sur the word gets out. He advises clients working in a broad range of sectors (energy, natural resources, retail, IT, cleantech, finance and investment) on all their strategic communications initiatives.

Before joining Exponentiel, Mathieu worked for more than five years with a large public and government relations agency. Prior to that, he was an economics journalist, first for Canal Argent (TVA Group) then for the newspaper Les Affaires. As an attorney, he has practised in the fields of municipal law, housing cooperatives and class actions.

Mathieu is fluent in both English and French. He is a member of the Barreau du Québec, and sits on the board of Trajectoire Québec.