Our team

Véronique Arsenault, PRP

Founding President

Véronique, Exponentiel Conseil’s president and founder, is a seasoned, respected businesswoman with strong entrepreneurial instincts. With an innate understanding of the realities faced by companies large and small, she is quick to assess the stakes of any situation and can articulate a comprehensive, strategic vision in support of an organization's business goals. Read more

Mathieu Lavallée

Partner and Vice-President

A former economics journalist and a lawyer by training, Mathieu Lavallée plumbs the depths of his files seeking the best angle of approach, or the optimal solution when it comes to sensitive matters. Read More

Karina Sieres


A real go-getter, consummate optimist and gifted strategist, Karina is a fearless project manager who nurtures corporate development, cultivates workplace wellbeing, and enhances growth. Read More

Éric Senécal

Senior Account Executive

For Éric, building close relationships and trust paves the road to success in public relations. With his ability to listen and work as a team, he navigates through sensitive and complex environments to deliver big and small projects. Read More

Virginie Thiou

Account Manager

Bursting with enthusiasm, Virginie loves everything related to technology. She has a sparkling personality, vivacious communications style and tireless appetite for detail. She's fully invested in the task, providing clients with thoughtful advice and expert communications guidance. Read More

Aurore De Vera

Account Manager

A media relations specialist, Aurore is passionate about people, organizations and their histories. She has a knack for writing impactful content for business communities, managing projects and creating strong positioning for organizations in the public sphere.
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Sébastien Lavallée

Advisor, content creation

Sébastien graduated in Film Studies and Comparative Literature from the University of Montreal and specializes in written and visual communications. He believes that there is always more than one way to tell a good story! Read More

Camille Bilodeau


Resourceful, insightful and determined, Camille can find creative solutions to any kind of problem. A sense of wanderlust and openness to the world has helped shaped this bright, curious and knowledgeable young woman. Read More

Thierry Dumesnil-Lamonde


Thierry likes to keep his neurons sparked with his twin passions of sociopolitical issues and current events. His interests? As eclectic as they are all-encompassing.
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