Our team

Véronique Arsenault, PRP

Founding President

Véronique, Exponentiel Conseil’s president and founder, is a seasoned, respected businesswoman with strong entrepreneurial instincts. With an innate understanding of the realities faced by companies large and small, she is quick to assess the stakes of any situation and can articulate a comprehensive, strategic vision in support of an organization's business goals.
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Mathieu Lavallée

Partner and Vice-President

A former economics journalist and a lawyer by training, Mathieu Lavallée plumbs the depths of his files seeking the best angle of approach, or the optimal solution when it comes to sensitive matters. Read More

Karina Sieres


A real go-getter, consummate optimist and gifted strategist, Karina is a fearless project manager who nurtures corporate development, cultivates workplace wellbeing, and enhances growth. Read More

Marie-Christine Houle


A firm believer that words (and people!) can change the world, Marie-Christine isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She brings together strategic smarts and coaching chops to help clients amplify their strengths, position senior management, and create lasting synergies. A team player with real leadership skills, she knows how to draw out each person's talents so they can fully contribute to their organization's success. Read More

Éric Senécal


If you ask Éric, it’s simple: building close relationships and gaining clients’ trust is what paves the way to public relations success. An attentive listener and solid team player, he is skilled at navigating sensitive and complex environments to deliver projects of various scopes and sizes for organizations experiencing growth or change. Read More

Tamara Chiasson


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Anne Vaillancourt

Senior Account Executive

Anne is a dynamic and strategic leader, with a clear vision for integrated communication, a deep understanding of operations and an ability to manage projects and teams according to their specific needs. Anne’s positive leadership and skillful planning make working with her a breeze.Read More

Sébastien Lavallée

Photographer, Videographer & Creative Project Manager

Sébastien graduated in Film Studies and Comparative Literature from the University of Montreal and specializes in written and visual communications. He believes that there is always more than one way to tell a good story! Read More

Myriam Kamako

Account Manager

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Antoine Gagnon


Always ready for a new challenge, Antoine is passionate about social media. He sees communications as a lever that allows organizations to maximize their impact.
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Camille Bilodeau

Operations Coordinator

Resourceful, insightful and determined, Camille can find creative solutions to any kind of problem. A sense of wanderlust and openness to the world has helped shaped this bright, curious and knowledgeable young woman
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Lysa-Marie Rochon


Lysa-Marie lives for communications, and approaches every one of her mandates with curiosity and passion. Thanks to her strategic thinking and creative mind, she can quickly grasp what clients need and offer them innovative solutions.
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Matilda Maréchaux


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