Our team

Véronique Arsenault

Founding President

Véronique, Exponentiel Conseil’s president and founder, is a seasoned, respected businesswoman with strong entrepreneurial instincts. With an innate understanding of the realities faced by companies large and small, she is quick to assess the stakes of any situation and can articulate a comprehensive, strategic vision in support of an organization's business goals. Read more

Mathieu Lavallée

Partner and Vice-President

A former economics journalist and a lawyer by training, Mathieu Lavallée plumbs the depths of his files seeking the best angle of approach, or the optimal solution when it comes to sensitive matters. Read More

Justine Lord-Dufour


Justine treats customers with the greatest of care. She is born project manager, who always ensures that her mandates progress according to established budgets and deadlines, while providing the strategic support for an optimal reputation management. Read More

Virginie Thiou

Coordinator, Public Relations

Bursting with enthusiasm, Virginie loves everything related to technology. She has a sparkling personality, vivacious communications style and tireless appetite for detail. She's fully invested in the task, providing clients with thoughtful advice and expert communications guidance. Read More

Francis Boucher

Special Advisor

Francis is a specialist in influencer relations who leverages storytelling and strategic analysis to help his clients build mind share in the public space. Read More