Public relations and public affairs

Reaching your audiences effectively

Positioning strategy

To successfully position your organization in a sector, market or ecosystem, you need a clearly defined and well-orchestrated game plan. Exponentiel Conseil has the expertise and skills to advise and support you in the deployment of your outreach initiatives so that they achieve the desired impact.

Media relations

Want to grab journalists’ attention but not quite sure how? Even get an unexpected call from a reporter when you’re not prepared? Media have their own methods and we have firsthand experience with all of them. Exponentiel Conseil can help you navigate these uncertain waters more effectively, guiding you from start to finish: initiating contact with journalists, coordinating interviews, preparing your spokesperson, identifying and crafting key messages, etc.

Drafting content

Whether you need a press release, an important letter to a minister or other public official, key messages, a newsletter, content for your website, or a speech or presentation to your investors, our team can support you all the way, even taking complete charge of drafting these critical communications tools that define and support your position.

Public affairs
Issues management

In very delicate situations, an outsider’s perspective is often essential when it comes to handling issues with diplomacy. Each case is unique, and your game plan must be tailor-made. Exponentiel Conseil has the experience, analytical skill and strategic vision to give you a clear view.

Stakeholder relations

The ecosystem in which you operate is constantly changing. When dealing with clients, employees, suppliers, group associations, various levels of government or the communities in which you are located, you cannot ignore them, or remain unresponsive to their concerns and interests. Exponentiel Conseil can guide you through an approach that fosters listening to differing views and engagement with the parties involved.

Social acceptability

Proper project execution must foster social acceptability to achieve a positive impact on a community. Exponentiel Conseil can coach you or lead a public consultation process that combines respect and thoroughness to ensure that the most delicate projects achieve the desired outcome.

Public opinion campaigns

Sometimes an organization needs to tell its story, influence opinion and effectively reach out in an ecosystem to mobilize its allies and achieve its goals. Exponentiel Conseil offers a full range of services that combine public relations and government relations expertise in order to create impactful public opinion campaigns.