Marketing communications

Dare to stand out

Positioning and brand image

Today, the success of any business, organization or campaign depends on its positioning and consumer perceptions. Exponentiel Conseil thoroughly analyzes your business environment to identify how your DNA can help you stand out from the crowd.

HR marketing

Competition for good talent is increasingly fierce. The ability to motivate your employees, stimulate their pride, focus on your core mission and clearly, accurately and authentically define the value you offer has become crucial. Your brand as an employer then becomes an integral part of your DNA.

Donations and sponsorships policy

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) through donations and sponsorships broadens your organization’s reach and can become a source of motivation for your employees. It is easy to go astray, however, if there is no clear vision to focus your impact in the community. Drafting a donations and sponsorships policy tied to your company’s mission with Exponentiel Conseil’s support ensures consistency in all your social initiatives.

Project management, product launches, and events

To build business projects that will have an impact, you must foster solid relations with your preferred business partners and contributors. Exponentiel Conseil guides you through each stage of your projects and events, aiming to generate the ideal conditions to ensure your success. From ideation to creation, our team and contributors work to provide you memorable experiences.