Digital Communications

Bringing you into the conversation

Internal and external platforms diagnosis and analysis: website, extranet, intranet and social media

Using social media is all well and good, but you must be sure to make the best use of them, consistent with your organization’s values and your objectives. In today’s digital era, it is essential for each organization to maintain digital communications channels that offer valuable information to all its audiences. These channels must be tailored and accessible to each specific audience, meaning it could be a website, an extranet for partners, an intranet for employees or social media for the general public. After careful analysis, Exponentiel Conseil can present you with a diagnosis of your current digital environment and can help you optimize it or create an entire new one.

Recommendations and strategy

Whether or not you are comfortable with digital communications, a sound multi-channel strategy will ensure the desired outcomes are reached. Exponentiel Conseil guides you through the development of this strategy and builds a custom plan so you can more effectively organize and make the most of your digital interactions with your audiences.

Content management

If content posted or shared on your platforms is not of high quality, it’s almost as if you have no presence at all. Worse still, it can go beyond that and cost you. Exponentiel Conseil’s content experts can guide you in identifying the most appropriate content to pass along and when to do so through the development of efficient editorial calendars. Once the key topics that will resonate with your communities are identified, we can assist your community manager in the content production or handle it all. If you have no community manager, we can also manage your various platforms and social media handles for you following pre-approved guidelines.

Ambassador relations

Consider taking advantage of your digital platforms to motivate your employees. They can be your golden ambassadors in extending and broadening your reach in the digital world. Together we can explore the best way to use your extranet and intranet to inspire and communicate with your teams, and your website and social media to convert colleagues into one more vector for developing your brand. We can also scan your environment and the market to identify key external opinion leaders and influencers and approach them to become your ambassadors, engaging them so they deliver your messages and enhance your reputation.