Crisis management

Skilful piloting, even in troubled waters

Prevention and training

A crisis is hard to predict, but when one arises, it is already too late to prepare. Yet preparation is what makes the difference between a well-managed crisis and one that drags on and leaves scars that will take a long time to heal. Exponentiel Conseil can help you prepare in various ways. First, with comprehensive training to help you understand the mechanism you must control for more effective contingency management. Then, through preparation of a handbook that adapts these mechanisms to your organization and identifies the key roles and resources for each situation. Finally, we can devise a simulation exercise to test certain basic skills, so you are well prepared when a crisis does occur.

Support and intervention

Are you in the centre of a storm or do you sense one approaching? Exponentiel Conseil has been through a few. An outsider’s perspective can often help you effectively gauge the situation, avoid mistakes and accurately assess the various possible outcomes in order to staunch the bleeding. Our tailor-made approach will help you ride out the storm with a steady hand and emerge in a climate favourable to reconstruction or continuity.