Business and institutional communications

Extending your outreach and informing your audiences

Communication, outreach and positioning with external audiences

Your organization is growing or must consolidate its position in a market or within your sector. You seek more precise positioning, broader dissemination of your successes with your clients, partners and the media. Exponentiel Conseil has mastered the workings of business and institutional communications. Beyond your services or products, business communications highlight your organization’s personality and culture to give meaning to your achievements.

Motivation and internal communications

As your front-line ambassadors, your employees are a key audience within your organization. If motivated and well informed, they can be invaluable allies to support your growth, defend your reputation in a crisis situation, and stay the course during major changes or transitions.

A well-prepared executive with sound internal communications can breathe new life into teams’ motivation and give meaning to the organization’s strategic objectives, anchoring them in employees’ daily lives. Beyond the simple transmission of information, internal communications embody an organization’s values.

At Exponentiel Conseil, our team works in conjunction with executives as well as the Communications and Human Resources departments to optimize existing approaches, promote the employer’s brand and ensure consistency of messages within the organization.

Internal communications plan

A growing company with an expanding workforce quickly recognizes the need for better communications structure . An organization undergoing major change will have to communicate authentically on a more regular basis with its employees to ensure they are fully motivated. We are used to these situations. The communications plan that Exponentiel Conseil develops for you will be clear, precise, methodical, properly aligned with your context and provide simple measurable benefits.

Employee surveys and focus groups

There is nothing worse than making assumptions about what employees are thinking or relying solely on gossip. Anonymous surveys combined with small focus groups with employees are effective ways to get a good “read.” Our team can support you or take charge of these aspects, which will have an impact on new corporate initiatives.

Employee communication campaigns

Do you want to highlight a flagship initiative for your organization or launch a recognition program? Whatever the situation, Exponentiel Conseil can develop a customized communications campaign for your employees to help you achieve your goals.

Drafting content

Whether to draft an internal memo for your employees, write an article for your newsletter, or draft a presentation to management, our team can support you or take on the task from A to Z, depending on the situation.

Financial communications

Shareholders, partners, economic decision makers, analysts, fund managers, trade media: investors have a broad range of audiences with which they must communicate. While the numbers may speak for themselves, you still must give meaning beyond the results and legal obligations. Exponentiel Conseil can guide you so your data become more than just numbers and tell the story of a project that investors have helped to build.