Passionate about communications and public relations for over a decade, Tamara has made her mark in both the public and private sectors. She has worked as a multidisciplinary team manager on large-scale projects and as an expert advisor to leaders in organizations of all sizes in various sectors. She has distinguished herself through her agility and her unifying leadership.

LinkeInd - Tamara Chiasson


With her remarkable ability to immerse herself in her clients' reality and understand their business context, Tamara made her mark in consulting early in her career. Proactive and highly organized, she has accompanied both nonprofit organizations and large corporations in their outreach efforts at the local, provincial, and national level. Thanks to her many mandates within the education and retail sectors, Tamara has been able to create and maintain trustworthy relationships with media representatives and actors in the public sphere.

Most recently, during her time at Videotron, Tamara honed her expertise in internal communications, in the context of a major reorganization. Recognized for her 360-degree strategies and her ability to perform under pressure, she acted as a key strategist for the executive team and led the implementation of innovative approaches for mandates that were critical to the organization.

Tamara holds a bachelor’s degree in public communication from Laval University as well as an MBA from HEC Montreal.