Lysa-Marie Rochon


Lysa-Marie lives for communications, and approaches every one of her mandates with curiosity and passion. Thanks to her strategic thinking and creative mind, she can quickly grasp what clients need and offer them innovative solutions.


She is attentive and open-minded, and a great listener. And since human beings are what makes her tick, she makes a point of building trust in relationships with both colleagues and clients.

Lysa-Marie has a unique ability to craft communications that are easy to read. She a definite penchant for storytelling. She loves finding the mot juste to communicate exactly the right ideas!

Before joining the team at Exponentiel, Lysa-Marie worked as a communications advisor at Biron Health Group where she promoted the employer brand through different internal communications. Following this, she worked in the press relations and social media team at Prestilux, where she helped make an array of beauty brands shine across Canada.

Lysa-Marie has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Public Relations) from the Université du Québec à Montréal. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in Management (M. Sc.) — Marketing at HEC Montréal.