Anne Vaillancourt

Senior Account Executive

Anne is a dynamic and strategic leader, with a clear vision for integrated communication, a deep understanding of operations and an ability to manage projects and teams according to their specific needs. Anne’s positive leadership and skillful planning make working with her a breeze.

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Anne has charted a rapid and unusual course through the world of entrepreneurship. Thanks to her keen eye for business, she immediately noticed the fact that small businesses have a burning need for better communication solutions. She began working as a freelancer in public relations and event management, specializing in the agri-food industry, before becoming a project manager for the Salon international de l’alimentation’s International Buyers Program.

Next, Anne became a public relations manager at Dandurand, Canada’s largest wine imports agency. She took on strategy and public relations management for around 60 brands, from mass market wines to imports, as well as coordinating visits with vineyard representatives across the country.

Before arriving at Exponentiel, she worked as a communications advisor at Union des producteurs agricoles (UPA). In the midst of the pandemic, in addition to spearheading numerous UPA events, she launched the integrated communications campaign Mangeons local.

In her 10 years of professional experience, Anne’s work has carried her all over Quebec, giving her a deep understanding of regional media dynamics.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in applied political science from Université de Sherbrooke, and is currently finishing up a graduate diploma in strategic communication.