Our team

Véronique Arsenault

Founding President

Véronique, Exponentiel Conseil’s president and founder, is a seasoned, respected businesswoman with strong thorough sense of the reality faced by large and small companies, she can quickly grasp all the stakes of any situation. She can articulate a comprehensive, strategic vision to support an organization’s business goals. Read more

Mathieu Lavallée

Partner and Vice-President

A former economic journalist and a lawyer by training, Mathieu Lavallée investigates and analyses his projects to find the best angle or determine the best solutions in sensitive situations. Read More

Patrick Préville


With close to 15 years of experience in communications and public relations, Patrick has a special interest for the impact of public relations on businesses. He uses this discipline as a strategic lever for businesses he works with to achieve their strategic corporate goals. Read More

Virginie Thiou

Coordinator, Public Relations

Full of enthusiasm, Virginie loves everything related to technology. Her sparkling personality, communication energy and attention to detail help her understand clients’ needs, guide them wisely and provide the best communication tips. Read More

Fanny Chouteau-Lapierre

Coordinator, Marketing

In addition to her boundless curiosity, Fanny has the soul of an artist together with a logical mind. Her candid nature means that she can understand others and their needs. Her various experiences in areas where customer contact is the key have helped her fine-tune her communication skills. Read More